Rise Again

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Hello hello, I made a little video.

I had this idea floating around in my head for a long time, so I decided to give it a shot and try making a little video. This is my first, and probably only attempt at making an animation. Oof! It is real hard work and requires a ton of patience, as well as a solid commitment!

I used the Procreate app on iPad to make the frames and Adobe After Effects to put it together (spending more time on Youtube tutorials than on the actual animation itself haha), realising only towards the end that I need not have made individual frames for the whole fade-in and fade-out bit. Ah, well..

My super talented cousin Rohan let me use some of his music, check out his channel here. (proud big sister grin)

Today marks 5 years since my c***** diagnosis (ugh I hate that word), so I guess it’s fitting. Whatever.

If you remember my story, The Gift, you’ll notice it’s the same character. Maybe it’s my way of thinking of the essence of a human being. Anyway, here’s the little video, hope you like it.

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