If you’ve been on this site before, you might already know of my love-hate relationship with watercolours. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it hates me. 🙂 I had been a little low on motivation lately, so I decided to turn to my favourite place online, Pinterest for some inspiration. I just decided to try learning by imitation and found myself some muses to draw. I have an inclination towards loose clothes and layering and the ‘Mori girl‘ aesthetic and that’s what I ended up drawing. I managed to make not one or two, but five illustrations in watercolour (something unexpected, given my lack of patience with this medium), before I decided to take a break with digital illustrations.

I can’t seem to figure out how to deal with the muddiness, but hopefully my next bout of water colouring will be cleaner.

Here are the links to the inspirations from Pinterest, although let me warn you, my drawings will look much worse once you’ve seen the originals! 🙂




3 & 5

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