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As I closed my eyes
And sat one day
I asked my mind
Why do you wander
Flying across the world
In a moment
Rustling up leaves of my thoughts
Sweeping me off my feet at times
Blowing up old dust
As you run helter-skelter?

My mind said
Would you rather
I sit still
Like a hot summer afternoon
In a cloudless day
Like a flat parched land
In a lifeless desert
Like a stone cold mountain
In the dead of winter?

I thought and I thought
As the mind skated behind
No, just be who you are
For without you
I would never go to the moon
Or float by the stars
Nor see the wonders of this world
With my eyes closed

Without you there is
No new song created
No lightning flash of idea
No wild laughter
From a silly fantasy
No deep dive conversation
That flows all night

Just be who you are
Dance around my head
And I’ll watch you
With eyes half closed
A lopsided smile
And my feet
Firmly on the ground

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