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Of course I will

Smile when we meet
Tap my feet to the beat
Laugh at your jokes out loud
And stare at that pretty cloud
Say how much I love this food
And you’ll never know what’s really my mood

But if you slow down and see
You might catch a glimpse of me

I stay up at night, wake up late
I let you win any silly debate
I’m slow as a sloth
Usually lost in thoughts

And when I tell you that I’m tired
It’s not from my illness
But from this unstoppable mind
That doesn’t know stillness

Oh yes, I’m happy to be here
But lately, it’s too easy to shed a tear

I know I’m going to
get better soon
Till then I’ll find comfort
hiding in my cocoon.


  1. Omega
    February 28, 2019

    Come out the Cocoon Soooon.
    Cheers !!!


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